funny money

funny money
funny money funny money money

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funny money UK US noun [U] INFORMAL MONEY
money whose value has been artificially increased, or money that is not worth as much as it appears to be: »

The banks have used funny money generated by creative accountancy to deal with vast amounts of public debt.


Stock options were seen as funny money, enabling you to promise vast compensation to your employees without it hurting your bottom line.

money that is not real, for example because it has been illegally printed or created for a game: »

Advances in computer technology are being used by criminals to make funny money.


Guests are given $50 in funny money to bet with.

a price or amount of money that is so large that it seems completely unreasonable: »

He agreed to sell the land, but he was asking funny money for it.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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